Pages of Friends and Colleagues

Stefanie Argow- Hidden Tracksspuren

Field trips about Tracks & Signs of Wild Animals
I recommend joining her trips to learn about the stuff you only recognize when you know about it. (Picture from her web page)

Oliver Lindecke 

Enthusiastic Bat researcher who at the moment is interested in investigating the navigational capabilities of migratory mammals (bats). But trust me he knows a lot more. (Picture from his web page)

Sascha Bucholz

Ecologist interested in spatial and temporal patterns of biodiversity favoring the small animals like me. (Picture from his web page)

Rohit Chakravarty

An Indian Biologist working with bats and once joined my field work for a night. He loves birds as well. (Picture from his web page)




Sinah Wohlgehagen

Sinah Wohlgehagen

Out of the box, an Industrial Designer from Berlin with a lot of creative ideas and projects.


AG Bonkowski – University of Cologne

My Former working group that is as diverse as their topics. Coordinated and managed by Prof. Dr. Michael Bonkowski.


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