On this site, you will find some information on Literature you can use to determine animals and plants.

Books for the field for beginners, too.

These following books are useful for checking some species while hiking or similar, they are in German, may you have to look for books on your region and country.

Der Kosmos Tier- und Pflanzenführer: 1000 Arten, 4000 Abbildungen

Pareys Buch der Insekten: Über 2000 Insekten Europas

identification keys

These books are more in a scientific way, but if you are interested, you will learn this stuff fast.

Brohmer – Fauna von Deutschland: Ein Bestimmungsbuch unserer heimischen Tierwelt


Müller/Bährmann Bestimmung wirbelloser Tiere: Bildtafeln für zoologische Bestimmungsübungen und Exkursionen

Links to interesting stuff and identification keys online.

araneae Spiders of Europe

Nentwig W, Blick T, Gloor D, Hänggi A, Kropf C: Spiders of Europe. Version of 08 May, 2016.

Microworld world of amoeboid organisms

Siemensma, F. J. 2016. Microworld, world of amoeboid organisms. World-wide electronic publication, Kortenhoef, the Netherlands.; searched on 08 May, 2016.

Bugguide (USA and Canada)