On the roll

Well during the last week I was quite active finishing up a lot of stuff. There is no big deal about it but I want to share the progress I made. After all the new/old pictures, I finally added some R Code. I added a completely new menu with R Code I have written on my own. Like for the pictures, I gathered a lot of material over the years and think I like to share it (even nobody cares). First of all, Getting started with your Project in R a Code how I start almost every Project in R. In future, I want to present a folder structure and information how I organize R Projects. Secondly Evolution of a line plot in R and ANOVA with Treatments and Plot just some short Code I wanted to share.

To all this, I working on something to add to the personal part of this webpage, I want to share some personal experiences with software and applications I use as a scientist. And maybe I will start a kind of Publication discussion in the nearer future.

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Explore the World

The journey continues I added several more pictures from travels and working trips to Vietnam and Australia, South- France. Additionally, you will find some pictures from Germany.

Check it out and see the beauty of biodiversity in different parts of the world. I am already building the next collection just about tracks and signs of animals.

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Long time ago

I was in Namibia and explored the Nature of Africa the first time. Now I made a small collection of Pictures. Maybe I will add the blog about this adventure but for now, you can find the pictures here.

A because we want to have something else to learn and explore I added a small R Code for calculating a Linear Model with and making the plot afterward.

As always I hope you enjoy the stuff.

Namibia_2012 (1)