Winter is coming (2)

One year ago, this month, I published “Winter is coming” and after a Facebook post in November 2016 this page having the first big traffic with 56 “people” and 335 klicks. All in all  247 “person” klick more than 1000 times on my Pictures, and R Stuff. Eight different countries in 2016 and ten in 2017 making me happy. It seems to be that everything worked out in the end and this web page is becoming to something. It getting more private in context of the pages and getting more to a personal portfolio, but at the same time, I will continue with the pictures. Currently, I am finalizing the CV and the collection of Pictures, it is really hard to boil down hundreds and hundreds of pictures to just a few representing the adventures, landscapes, and biodiversity I was experiencing.

Like in my previous post mentioned I prepared a list of Pages from Friends. Since then I have had a lot of ideas I will hopefully realize this winter. Hope you enjoy this stuff as much as I am doing it while preparing.



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