R is coming

As you maybe know, I am a biologist (Who am I?). Thus I work with different programs, a program that is amazingly adaptively to any of your requirements is R. I think I have discovered it far too late during my studies and I think every student in the STEM fields should start as early as possible with learning this program and the language. You can do almost everything in this coding language even without knowing it well. And if a topic is not present in R up to now there will be somebody that is currently evolving a package.

If my enthusiastic writing does not convince you just have a look on google and some related web pages Google Search. Or Just start on this page discovering R.

And by the way, I added some new/old pictures here and here (I am still figuring out how to present them well, should I add text? additional information? any ideas contact me)


Guess you find his web page again… me

The last time since I revealed this page to my friends and family a lot of Persons visited this page. Nice to see that somebody maybe enjoy the pictures as I do.

I added pictures in looking into the details

as well as in Landscapes (even small ones)

Please enjoy and give me a feedback if you want?

You may recognize the watermark I ad. I finally made it and you can be sure there will be a few more pictures during the next days. I will try to keep you up to date.