Who am I?

I am a Biologist and have studied at a German University, and this is a kind of Homepage where I want to share some stuff including pictures, information and also some small R codes.

I am not a professional photograph, but after time spending in nature taking pictures of different situations, I don’t want to leave them on my hard drive.

I want to share them and like if somebody like them, too. But my intention is not that you spend your time in front of your screen. Moreover, I want you exploring the nature. You don’t have to go to faraway places to discover the nature. Sometimes the old plants of the neighbor or „dirty“ gardens or areas nearby are an excellent place to explore.  Just go out and spend some time searching for insects or nice small worlds. Only if you spend time outside you can make great outside experiences. Even if you look at the common boring plants, you will find a new world.

It is not always about knowing what you look at but teaching the eye to explore the small differences and details, because if you recognize them, you can differentiate things (or species in a biological context). Learning about these differences comes semi-automatically and if you want to find out more about that just go to the determining part of this page and start exploring.